Friday, 10 January 2014

The Case for Student Travel Insurance

by Josh Harrison
Many people spend a lot of time arguing the case for student travel insurance. They don't think that going to the trouble and expense of taking out a policy is worth it. They might react differently when a student in their immediate family announces that they are planning to go abroad either on holiday, or to continue their studies. This is when the case for student travel insurance becomes a bit more important.

Student travel insurance has become pretty much a necessity in todays world, just like many other types of insurance. But students seem to be a bit more vulnerable. It has been noted that so many of them seem to be naive still, and rather trusting of people. When a student is far away from his or her home, sometimes this fact is all too clear, and people take advantage of the situation. The case for student travel insurance is painfully obvious in this instance. Students are vulnerable when the unexpected occurs, and need the backup of travel insurance in order to protect themselves and their health.

What would a student do when disaster strikes and their luggage is lost or stolen, their travel is delayed, their trip is cancelled, they become ill suddenly or are injured while away from home? How would they handle the situation if a close relative became seriously ill or even died while they were far away from home? In situations such as this, travel insurance can come in very handy. In fact, it can be a virtual lifesaver! The case for travel insurance is a strong case indeed when trouble is brewing.

Students should definitely purchase travel insurance before they leave for overseas studies. They dont realize, and perhaps their parents don't either, how financially ruinous it could be if something happens while they are abroad and become sick. They probably do not realize that when you are in a foreign country and must visit a doctor or a hospital, most medical services you receive must be paid for in full at the time you receive it. The case for student travel insurance cannot be argued in this instance. Any money that is spent on doctors or hospitals will be reimbursed to you when you have had the foresight to take out travel insurance before your trip.

What if a student is all packed and ready to embark on his trip abroad and the unthinkable happens, and hes taken ill and cant travel? Would you be able to get a refund from the airlines of the money you have spent for the plane ticket? Of course not! The case for student travel insurance has never been stronger than in this situation. Travel insurance would reimburse you for the cost of your ticket. Student travel insurance just makes good sense for any student who is travelling.

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